Mr Taylor* had accumulated over 12 penalty points on his driving licence within 3 years and had previously argued exceptional hardship based upon the impact on his business and the loss of jobs and livelihoods that would arise if he were disqualified under totting up and unable to drive. We successfully represented him on that occasion.

The court is required by law to impose a disqualification for a minimum of 6 months (the period rises to a minimum of 12 months if a driver has a prior disqualification of 56 days or more within the last 3 years). However, the court found exceptional hardship for Mr Taylor and disqualified for 7 days instead.

This meant Mr Taylor was able to drive with a clean licence after 7 days because any totting ban automatically wipes the points off. This proved to be helpful as 3 months later he accumulated another 6 points for speeding offences. Had the court not imposed a short ban but found exceptional hardship and left him with the points Mr Taylor would have struggled to argue exceptional hardship again. You can’t do so within 3 years using the same reasons.

“If as a result of a motoring offence you will accumulate 12 points or more and become a “totter”, please contact us for advice and a no obligation consultation on how we can help with representing you. We have a 97% success rate in helping drivers avoid a ban with exceptional hardship, our aim is to help keep you on the road.”

Anton Balkitis, Head of Transport
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*Names have been changed to protect the identity of our clients