Mr Alan* had been prosecuted for travelling at over 70 mph in an area restricted to 30mh. The evidence came from a police officer who was following our driver and attempted to pace his speed using his own speedometer.

The driver contested this and stated that firstly he was travelling at a lesser speed and secondly that the area he was seen driving was actually national speed limit and not 30mph area.

At Court, we were able to persuade the Judge that the evidence of the police officer could not be relied upon, and the driver was found not guilty. The driver was then able to make a claim for the Court to reimburse his legal costs.

“By pointing out the weakness in the police measuring speed in this way, the driver was not convicted and he kept a clean driving licence. The Sentencing Guidelines indicate that the Court should impose a disqualification of up to 8 weeks for this type of high speed offence and this would have been devastating for our client who was reliant on his licence to work. With the Costs Order our client was not left out of pocket. ”

Anton Balkitis, Head of Transport
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*Names have been changed to protect the identity of our clients