Mrs Dunn* faced a matter of speeding in the early hours of the morning. Due to the nature of Mrs Dunn’s work and the reason for her journey at the time (Mrs Dunn works for the NHS and had been on call attending an emergency situation) we were able to persuade the Court not to impose penalty points on Mrs Dunn’s licence.

Since Mrs Dunn was not in an emergency vehicle at the time of the offence, a statutory defence under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 could not be used.

The Court fully accepted the argument and Mrs Dunn was able to continue in her work enjoying a full licence.

“A special reason is a circumstance pertaining to the offence; it does not amount in law to a complete defence but can be argued to avoid a driving licence endorsement. Special reasons, if accepted, could allow the court to impose a punishment of penalty points in place of a mandatory period of disqualification or to impose no penalty points at all.”

Olivia Maginn, Barrister
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*Names have been changed to protect the identity of our clients