Driver CPC – Have you completed the required training?

Driver CPC training is a customary part of professional driving for anyone driving a lorry, coach or bus and ensures a proficient level of driving by professional drivers, yet a new survey has revealed that only 24% of drivers have completed the 35 hours training required of them by 2019, and 49% of drivers are still short by 14 hours.

The survey, conducted by Fleet Source also found that 83% of those surveyed have driven professionally for ten years or more, and 52% of respondents welcome training because they believe it makes them a better driver, with over half wanting to see new industry courses introduced. The preferred method of delivering this training for 40% of respondents is through one-day, classroom based training rather than online modules, videos, half day classes or Toolbox Talks.

Driver CPC is the standard applied to initial driver training and continuing education and it is a requirement of commercial drivers to do 35 hours of periodic training every five years. Drivers who fail to complete the required 35 hours training and are driving professionally can be fined up to £1000.

Although “Vehicle road worthiness” is regarded by drivers as the most important topic of training, the results of the survey found that “Vulnerable Road User” is the most attended course, with 96% of drivers being concerned for vulnerable road users.

The same survey also found that more could be done to protect and support commercial drivers, with one in three respondents saying they did not/did not know if they had policies and procedures in place for where to or where not to park, and 31% saying they did not/did not know if they had policies or procedures in place for the security of keys.

If you are a transport operator or transport manager considering CPC training for your drivers we advise thinking about the responsibilities and roles of each of your drivers to ensure they are attending courses that are most relevant to them and to encourage them to see the value and importance of the training.

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