As of 1st February, DVSA officers now have the power to issue up to 5 fixed penalties at the roadside for offences over the last 28 days.

A single fixed penalty is charged at £300 meaning that £1500 can be imposed on a single occasion. Although the new powers came into effect earlier this month, the DVSA will not begin actively enforcing them until March to allow time for a full 28 day liable period to build up.

Penalties can be issued for a variety of offences, including failure to observe rest periods or adequate breaks, driving without a tachograph card and other drivers’ hours offences. Previously, only offences committed during that driving day could be the subject of an on-the-spot fine. The fines will apply to both UK and foreign HGV drivers and cover both offences committed in the UK and abroad.

For drivers and DVSA, this will be a positive move as it means that these cases can be dealt with swiftly, without the delay of Court proceedings. It is also much more cost effective for DVSA and the driver.

This comes just a short while after DVSA confirmed that it would take action against any driver who has failed to take the full weekly rest in appropriate accommodation. Drivers should be ready to give information to Traffic Examiners about where and how they have complied with the weekly rest rules.

As an Operator, it is important to remember that driver fixed penalties must be reported to the Traffic Commissioner within 28 days. Failure to do so is a breach of the Operator’s Licence conditions. Regular monitoring of drivers’ tachograph records is also required to show that infringements are detected early and dealt with promptly.

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