What is a Single Justice Procedure Notice?

A Single Justice Procedure Notice (SJP/SJPN) is sent by the courts in relation to a number of criminal matters, including motoring offences, and includes evidence which the prosecutor will rely on to prove the case.

The procedure asks you to submit how you wish to plead in relation to the offence in question, and although you will not be required to attend a specific court date, you must respond to the notice within 21 days. In circumstances where the offence is less serious, for example speeding which falls within the lowest category, the courts will accept that you wish to plead guilty by post.

The Notice will also include a plea form where you can state whether you want to plead guilty and not attend court, plead guilty and attend court or plead not guilty.

When do I need legal assistance?

You will need the assistance of a legal representative where you intend to plead not guilty, in which case you will be required to attend court. Alternatively, you will need the assistance of a representative to attend court where the offence in question is more serious and you face a high penalty or disqualification. In circumstances where the offence will take you up to the 12 point ‘totting up limit’ a legal advocate will need to put forward an argument on your behalf in court to ensure that the 6 month disqualification is either not applied at all, or you receive a shorter discretionary disqualification.

Alongside the Single Justice Procedure Notice will be a Means form (M100) which needs to be completed and returned. This is used for the courts to calculate the fine that should be imposed, taking into consideration your earnings and what you can reasonably afford.

We can respond to the Single Justice Procedure Notice for you

We can respond to the Single Justice Procedure Notice on your behalf for a small fixed fee. We can also attend and offer legal representation, should your matter go to court. To discuss this further, we offer a FREE 5 minute telephone consultation so call our experienced motoring solicitors today on 0115 910 6239