“Make a Plea” Online Scheme

In 2015 HMCTS introduced the ‘Make a Plea’ Scheme. If you have been summoned to Court for a minor motoring offence, such as speeding or no insurance, in Greater Manchester, you will be given the opportunity to enter your plea online instead of attending Court.

Around 30% of minor motoring cases in this area are dealt with this way and so far accounting for over 1200 drivers. If your case is part of the scheme, you will have been sent a letter outlining the process. You will need to access the website and use the reference number provided to log into your account. You will then be able to see the police statements and other evidence in your case. You will be asked to plead guilty or not guilty. You will have the chance to provide your mitigation and your means information. Remember, the online plea system is voluntary and if you wish to request a Court hearing you have the right to do so and can notify the Court as explained in the papers you will receive.

If you plead guilty you will be given credit of up to a third off your sentence. You will be advised of a period in which your case will be dealt with and you will be notified online of the result. If you request a hearing, plead not guilty or if the Court is considering a disqualification you will be notified of a date where you will need to attend Court. If you do not attend the hearing the Court may disqualify you in your absence or even issue a warrant for your arrest.

Once you enter your plea, you will be convicted and you may not get a further opportunity to explain your case.

The online “Make a Plea” scheme can be accessed here

If you are in need of assistance regarding an online plea and have been advised that the Court is considering a disqualification, give one of our motoring specialists a call now for a no obligation consultation on 0115 910 6239