Rotheras were instructed by a construction company which had been called to Public Inquiry in Edinburgh by the Traffic Commissioner. The company had applied for an operator’s licence and the director had quite properly declared a historic criminal conviction in the application form. As a result of this, the Traffic Commissioner wanted assurances that the director was fit to hold an operator’s licence. A Public Inquiry was convened.

The applicant was represented by transport solicitor Chris Powell. He worked closely with the applicant to gather the necessary evidence needed to present the company’s case. At the Inquiry Chris Powell was able to present evidence to the Traffic Commissioner to demonstrate the significant rehabilitative steps that the director had taken since the original conviction. He also addressed the Commissioner on matters of financial standing and future compliance.

After hearing the evidence and our legal submissions, the Traffic Commissioner was happy to grant the operator’s licence in full. This was a great outcome and one which will make a vital difference to the future of the applicant company.

At Rotheras, our transport lawyers have years of experience assisting companies and individuals to apply for or vary an operator’s licence. Our Public Inquiry advocates represent applicants for O licences across every traffic area from Edinburgh to Eastbourne.

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“If you have been called to a traffic commissioner’s public inquiry, seeking legal advice early on means that we can help you gather the necessary evidence and work with you to help you best prepare your case.”

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