We were approached by a Mr Lambley* who had recently had his vocational driving licence revoked indefinitely by the Traffic Commissioner in Leeds. He had been originally referred to the Traffic Commissioner after conviction of offences under the Environment Act. Revocation of his licence meant that he would never be able to drive a HGV again, despite this previously being his career for 15 years.

We appealed the decision to the Magistrates’ Court and were able to outline why the decision was wrong. This was a one-off incident against a long history of good driving. There was no chance of the incident being repeated. The Magistrates’ Court agreed with us. They allowed the appeal and immediately reinstated the driver’s HGV Licence.

“Driver Conduct hearings require the Traffic Commissioner to take into account specific guidance as well as a number of important factors. By using our expertise and years of experience, we can gather the strongest evidence to help a driver to keep his licence. We have a high success rate for drivers attending driver conduct hearings.”

Anton Balkitis, Transport Solicitor
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*Names have been changed to protect the identity of our clients