A prominent and well known gentleman was charged with a speeding offence occurring on the M6. At a speed of 106 mph, the Court would automatically require an individual to attend in person as there is a strong likelihood of a lengthy disqualification. The gentleman in question sought to avoid a Court appearance as it would cause professional embarrassment and possibly have a negative impact on his charitable work.

With a strongly worded letter of representation to the Court and corroborative letters obtained through careful and sensitive preparation, we were able to secure an endorsement of penalty points and more importantly for our client, the avoidance of a personal court appearance.

“Fines for speeding offences can be as high as £2,500 including 3-6 penalty points or you can also be disqualified from driving. With high speed offences in particular you are required to attend court. In these situations we would always suggest clients seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity as we can assist with minimising a sentence or even challenging an allegation of speeding.”

Olivia Maginn, Barrister
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*Names have been changed to protect the identity of our clients