Mr Jones* had received 3 Notices of Intended Prosecution for speeding on three different occasions. The police offered him 3 fixed penalties, each carrying 3 points. As the driver already had three existing points on his licence, the imposition of 9 more would result in a referral to Court and a 6 month ‘totting’ ban.

We wrote to the police and explained that at this time, he was unaware of the change in speed at the location and that he had a number of ongoing personal issues. The police treated this case as exceptional and agreed to withdraw one of the fixed penalties. He accepted the remaining two, resulting in a total of nine points on his licence instead of twelve. He avoided the need to attend Court and did not face a disqualification which was a great relief.

“It is sometimes possible to have separate offences treated as one incident. Usually this is when the offences take place on the same day in the same place but for this driver, the offences related to the same location on three consecutive days. The police showed their discretion, having received detailed representations about the driver’s circumstances and accepting that this was the fairest outcome.

Olivia Maginn, Barrister
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*Names have been changed to protect the identity of our clients