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Driving without Insurance

The offence of driving or allowing a vehicle to be driven whilst uninsured is becoming much more common and Police methods of detection have improved drastically.

This offence is a serious one and the uninsured driver may be handed a Fixed Penalty as a result. This will require a payment of £200 and the endorsement of a license with 6 penalty points. If a driver is summonsed to court, you can expect a fine of up to £5000, between 6 to 8 penalty points and possible disqualification. If you have been caught driving without insurance we advise that you contact our nationally recognised motoring solicitors on 0800 046 3066

KMOTR banner driving without insurance

Unfortunately many drivers have the honest belief that their car is insured, only to be stopped by the police telling them that it is not. Additionally, it is possible for you to be convicted of driving without insurance if you permit another person to operate your vehicle when it is not insured or there is not sufficient insurance in place to cover them.

Any individual driving a vehicle must have third party insurance in place. A prosecution must be brought within 6 months from the date in which the offence first came to the knowledge of the police officer, or 3 years from the date of the offence, whichever is shorter.

If you have been convicted of driving without insurance our specialist motoring offence solicitors have the expertise to help you with your enquiry. Contact us on 0800 046 3066 for advice

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